An infant passenger is a  person who has not reached his/her second birthday on the commencement date of travel of a segment (his/her flight).

Infant’s Birth Certificate/ Travel document must be presented at check-in to verify age. An infant who has reached 24 months at the time of traveling, the adult fare is applied.

Infant must be a healthy full-term baby. It is not allowed for carriage if his/her age is less than seven (7) days old for normal birth and fourteen (14) days old for incubator support or cesarean birth circumstance.

Only one (1) infant is allowed for one (1) adult. That means Vietravel Airlines does not accept 1 adult traveling with 2 INF. The adult shall be a parent or the infant’s guarding, relative or the one who acts as an escort.

Perambulator services are not allowed on board Vietravel Airlines flights;

For safety reasons, the number of infants is limited by the number of infant life-vest and spare oxygen masks available on board but not exceeding 10% of the capacity of the flight. Therefore, passenger(s) accompanied with an infant should register with Vietravel Airlines before departure to ensure your infant's services. 

Only one (1) infant is accepted in a row. Emergency seats must not be allocated for passengers traveling with infants ;

Baby strollers are not allowed on Vietravel Airlines’ flights;

For safety reasons, the number of infants is limited by the number of infant life vest and spare oxygen masks available on board but does not exceed 10% of the seats capacity. Therefore, passenger(s) traveling with an infant need to register with Vietravel Airlines prior to departure to ensure infant services.

We do not provide Cabin Crew Service to take care Infants.

Complimentary one (01) single baby stroller (foldable and can fit in the head-locker in the Passenger cabin of aircraft) for one (01) infant or child (under 6 years old). If the single stroller cannot be folded or fit in the head-locker on-board, a fee should be applied and checked in. 

If a passenger who travel with an infant wants to carry a car seat (using for the infant) on board, Car seat must be matched with Vietravel Airlines specifications, and the extra seat fee need to be paid. 

Please contact our Call Center – 19006686/ Email: for detailed information.

Baby stroller service is not available on Vietravel Airlines’ flights.

We can only accept a limited number of infants - do not exceed  10%  of the capacity of the seats on the flights