Infant means a child aged under 02 years old as of the date of departure. Infant age is calculated by flight sector. An infant must be sat on an accompanied adult’s lap.

Vietravel Airlines only accept transportation of healthy, term babies by the time of departure. We do not accept to transport Infants under 07 days of age, Preterm Infants who are required to be kept in a baby incubator or with unstable health under 14 days of age.

Infants are required to be accompanied by an Adult parent or Legal guardian who is eighteen (18) years of age or older and are healthy enough to care for the Infant in flight. Vietravel Airlines only accept one adult passenger traveling with 01 infant;

Only one infant is assigned in one row. Passenger travelling with infant are not allocated at emergency seats;

Vietravel Airlines accepts 01 single baby stroller (foldable and fits in the carry-on baggage compartment on the passenger cabin) for free at the check-in counter or at the boarding gate; In case the single stroller cannot be folded and cannot fit in the carry-on baggage compartment on the passenger cabin, there shall be a fee and check-in procedures.

Baby bassinet service is provided free of charge on our flights provided the child weights no more than 11kg. This service is only applied according to the technical conditions of the operating aircraft.

For safety reason, we could only accept a limited number of infants not exceed 10% of capacity of aircraft used for the flight.