Passenger is a child who have reached their 2nd birthday but not exceeding their 12th on the date of their flight (as of the departure date). Age of child is calculated by flight segment.

Child must be accompanied by 01 healthy adult who is the parent or legal guardian or relative or a friend who acts as an escort.


  • Children between 02 years old to 06 years old without an adult traveling will not be accepted for carriage.
  • A healthy child from over 07 to under 14 years old must be accompanied by a healthy adult from 15 years old.

Vietravel Airlines also offers Unaccompanied Minor Service and Accompany Cabin Crew Service for passengers with normal health conditions and able to travel independently as follow:

Age range

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Accompany Cabin Crew Service

From over 04 to 06 years old



From 07 to under 14 years old



From 14 to under 18 years old

When required

Not applied

If you wish to use this service, please place an order at least 24 hours prior to the departure time at Call Center 1900 6686 or our official ticket offices nationwide.

1. Procedures and documents for the service

  • Passengers need to register in advance with us 24 hours prior to flight departure date.
  • Parents, guardians of children kindly contact Ticketing offices, Agency via email, or Call center 1900 6686 to register Unaccompanied Minor services.
  • Parents or Legal Guardians must provide the following required information: full name, age, gender, journey, date of departure, parents or legal guardians’ contact, drop-off person, pick-up person and other related information (if any).
  • Parents and Legal Guardians must understand and prepare all required documents in accordance with rules and regulations stipulated by Vietravel Airlines, any state authorities and airports involved in the journey.

2. At the Departure

  • Drop-off person must prepare his or her personal ID card, information of which must be identical to information provided to Vietravel Airlines’ ticket office, or agency.
  • Parents or Legal Guardians must prepare all required documents for the unaccompanied minor(s) in order to show at the check-in counter. The drop-off person must bring the unaccompanied minor(s) at least 02 hours for domestic flights and 03 hours for international flights prior to the departure time.
  • Drop-off person must complete all check-in requirements for the unaccompanied minor(s), and must not leave the airport until the flight departs.

3. On the Arrival:

  • Pick-up person at the arrival destination must be at the airport at least 30 minutes prior to the estimated arrival time.
  • Our handling agent will contact you at the time the flight landing and the pick-up person must carry his or her personal ID or other kinds of legal identity documents, information of which must be identical to information provided to Vietravel Airlines’ ticket office, or agency to present when we hand over unaccompanied minor.