World Travel Awards is well-known as the travel industry's Oscar, rewarding leaders in the airline's tourism, hotel, and hospitality sectors. 

Vietravel Airlines is very proud to have been nominated again for the prestigious World Travel Awards 2023 in two major categories: Asia's Leading Airline - Customer Experience 2023 and Asia's Leading Leisure Airline 2023. This is a recognition for the efforts to bring passengers the journey experience on every flight with us.

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1. Information of program

  • Vietravel Airlines’ nomination categories: Asia's Leading Airline - Customer Experience 2023 and 
    Asia's Leading Leisure Airline 2023.
  • Time: until midnight of July 23th, 2023
  • Vietravel Airlines receives photos to confirm successful votes to until midnight July 23th, 2023.

2. How to Vote for us

Step 1: Visit website of World Travel Awards at . If you've voted in the World Travel Awards before, you can log in using your account details. After log in successfully, you can move to Step 7 to “vote for us”. 

If you have not voted in the World Travel Awards before, click " REGISTER " to create a new account.

Step 2: Fill in your details. Then click the "SUBMIT" button.


Step 3: Complete registration! Check your email inbox to “Verify Your Email Address”.

Step 4: Click on the "Verify Your Email Address" button and you're ready to go


Step 5: When you receive this message, you have successfully registered for an account! Click “Vote”  to vote for Vietravel Airlines!

Step 6: From the list of Region you're presented with, select “Asia”


Step 7: Once the list has loaded, you will need to search for the category “Asia's Leading Airline - Customer Experience 2023” and select Vietravel Airlines

Step 8: You can continue to scroll down the list to find “Asia's Leading Leisure Airline 2023” and select Vietravel Airlines. It’s automatically cast the vote for us.


Step 9: After you submitted your votes, you can select “Asia” again, the website will display the votes you have made.

Step 10: Check the voting frame to see if you have completed 2 votes! Screenshot and send it to to receive gifts from Vietravel Airlines!


3. Information of Vietravel Airlines’ coupons

  • Coupon worth 200,000 VND (applied based on fare excluding taxes and fees).
  • Applicable to all domestic and international flights that Vietravel Airlines is operating.