Ho Chi Minh City, September 8, 2022, Vietravel Airlines officially signed a cooperation agreement on investment and development of air cargo services (VUAir Cargo).

With the intention to diversified products and completing the ecosystem of Vietravel Corporation, Vietravel Airlines and Asean Cargo Gateway (ACG) officially announced the cooperation with investment contribution ratio of 51% - 49%. Thus, Vietravel Airlines and ACG wish to promote cargo business, air cargo exploitation, and cargo agency for airlines in the region.


According to Mr. Vu Duc Bien, President & CEO of Vietravel Airlines: “The aviation cargo market still has a lot of potential and has not been fully exploited. The supply chain is broken while the commodity market in Vietnam, China, countries in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe and the Americas is considered to be the fastest growing region with the highest annual GDP in the world and the highest proportion of the working-age population in the world.Hence, production bases will gradually move to this area next to the world's largest factory - China”.

Through the assessment, Vietnam is considered a bright and potential candidate in the production shift. This will be an opportunity for the logistics industry in general and air freight in particular to take off in the near future. For that reason, this is the right time to build and promote the first Air Cargo segment in Vietnam, combining ACG's experience in logistics and Vietravel Airlines's air transportation".

ACG representative said as follows: "With the goal of meeting and promoting the domestic and international logistics industry, especially with great potential markets, it means bringing firms in Vietnam closer to global market. Besides, the signing of cooperation agreement with Vietravel Airlines is a memorable milestone, bringing the dream of becoming Cargo Airlines in Vietnam soon come true”. 

The airline will focus on transporting goods between Vietnam and large factories in Asia such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand on a fleet of dedicated aircraft B737-800F for cargo with the number volume of 02 - 04 units in the first year and is expected to double in the next year. 

This is the effort of Vietravel Airlines and ACG to carry out the mission of improving air transport logistics, becoming the first Cargo Airlines in Vietnam, a bridge for Vietnam exports to reach the global market. Thus, this coopertation contribute to improve the competitiveness of international connectivity for exports, especially agricultural products.



About Vietravel Airlines:     

Vietravel Airlines is invested by the largest travel group in Vietnam and Asia - Vietravel Corporation (Stock Code: VTR), the airline officially operated the first commercial flight connecting Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi on January 25, 2021. Vietravel Airlines is an important piece contributing to the completion of the multi-dimensional tourism ecosystem combining multi-modal transport that the Group aims at with the mission of connecting and promoting the development of famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. & International aims to bring customers unique aviation products that combine travel, comfort experience and uplifting emotions on each flight journey. 

Vietravel Airlines focuses on exploiting its commercial flights on its modern narrow-body fleet of Airbus A321/ Boeing 737 or equivalent. In the first 2 years, the airline will focus on exploiting domestic and Asia regional routes (Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore) with a fleet of 06 A321 aircraft and continue to increase to 12 aircraft in the next year. 

In parallel with passenger transport, Vietravel Airlines also aims to quickly put into operation 04 specialized aircraft B373-800F for cargo transport in the first year and operate mainly in Southeast Asia.


About Asean Cargo Gateway

Established in context of economic downturn because of COVID-19, ACG mission is to connect Vietnamese goods with global market and optimize logistics costs for Vietnamese goods. ACG aims to become the first Cargo Airlines, digitize and professionally provide top air freight for Vietnam in particularly and in Asian in generally. Moreover, ACG wishes to inspire other Vietnamese enterprises to boldly develop carrier business on both air and sea in order to help Vietnamese goods spread market. 


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