Ho Chi Minh City, March 17, 2024 - Vietravel Airlines successfully carried out the first charter flight in a series of flights connecting Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)/ Da Nang (DAD) with Takamatsu (TAK) and Fukushima (FKS) provinces of Japan. The flight marks the journey of expanding the airline’s route network and connecting its tourist cities in 2024.



Japan - A potential destination for tourism and air transport

Japan was a popular tourist market chosen by many Vietnamese visitors in 2023. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization in Vietnam (JNTO), there were 573,900 Vietnamese visitors to Japan, an increase of 15.9% compared to 2019 and setting a new record. Among them, Vietravel Holidays (Vietravel) successfully brought 13,053 visitors to Japan. Specifically, in March and April, Vietravel organized 295 tourist groups to Japan. Following the success and correctly assessing the potential of Japanese tourism at the beginning of 2024, Vietravel and Vietravel Airlines cooperated to carry out a series of charter flights to Takamatsu and Fukushima provinces. This is a perfect combination of the two brands within the Vietravel Corporation, taking advantage of the existing ecosystem.



Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Takamatsu (TAK), the first flight and an important premise towards the deployment of regular flights connecting Vietnam - Japan by Vietravel Airlines

This morning, on March 17th, flight number VU3002 of Vietravel Airlines took off at 00:45 from Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) and landed at 06:00 (Vietnam time) at Takamatsu Airport (TAK). The flight carried nearly 200 passengers who are part of a tour group from Vietravel Holidays (Vietravel). This is part of a charter series implemented in collaboration by Vietravel Airlines and Vietravel, aiming to leverage the existing ecosystem of Vietravel Corporation to boost aviation and tourism activities this year.

In March and April, Vietravel Airlines will carry out 10 charter flights from Ho Chi Minh City/ Da Nang to Takamatsu/ Fukushima provinces, including 6 flights to Takamatsu province and 4 flights to Fukushima province. On the outbound flights, Vietravel Airlines serves nearly 1,862 passengers and on the return flights from Japan, there are more than 1,780 passengers, showing that the demand for travel between the two countries tends to increase in 2024.


“With Vietravel Airlines, the implementation of a series of charter flights to Japan not only has commercial significance, but also an opportunity for the airline to evaluate the actual market, find partners/ agents, coordinate with the aviation authorities of the host country, creating an important premise towards the deployment of regular flights connecting Vietnam - Japan. In order to meet the increasing travel and trade needs of the people of the two countries, contributing to enhancing the cooperative relationship and sustainable development in many fields.”, emphasized Mr. Nguyen Minh Hai, President & CEO of Vietravel Airlines.

The series of flights with the mission of connecting destinations and local cuisine

As the first touring airline in Vietnam, Vietravel Airlines always strives to bring passengers complete flight journeys in terms of experience and connection. For this series of charter flights to Japan, on flights departing from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, the airline serves passengers shizuku mochi cake and lotus tea - the culinary intertwining between the two countries. Shizuku mochi cake is a traditional Japanese cake, the shape of the cake is like a giant raindrop, symbolizing the simplicity and elegance created by skilled artisans. Lotus tea is considered a representative tea of Vietnamese tea culture, when drinking hot, the sweet taste emits a gentle aroma.



Especially, on the first flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Takamatsu (17/03), the flight attendants will wear Yukata uniforms to welcome passengers instead of wishing them a beautiful journey in the land of the rising sun. The “Storytellers” of Vietravel Airlines will also introduce interesting things about this port city.

For flights departing from Japan to Vietnam, passengers on the flight are served hot meals representing the local cuisine of Vietnam and Japan. In addition, passengers can also participate in fun mini-games to receive attractive gifts.

Takamatsu and Fukushima - The route for complete experiences

Visiting Takamatsu in March, passengers will feel a new beginning in early spring here, experiencing many interesting activities besides watching cherry blossoms bloom, such as snowboarding, bathing in hot springs in rural areas on cold days, enjoying tea ceremony, unique local cuisine, and exploring art.


In recent years, the number of tourists choosing to visit Fukushima province has been increasing to visit and learn about the transformation of a province that once had to suffer a large earthquake and tsunami. It can be said that Fukushima is a place that creates a beautiful picture of four seasons, tourists coming at any time can experience interesting things: Spring to watch cherry blossoms, summer to participate in outdoor experiences with traditional festivals, romantic autumn with the season of yellow leaves, winter immersed in the space of snow.


About Vietravel Airlines

Vietravel Airlines is an airline that is invested by the Tourism and Aviation Group - Vietravel Corporation. The airline officially operated its first commercial flight on January 25, 2021, connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Vietravel Airlines is an important piece contributing to the completion of a multidimensional tourism ecosystem combined with transportation the Group aims to connect and promote the development of famous tourist destinations in Vietnam and internationally to bring customers unique air travel products combined with unique tourism experiences, convenient services and soaring emotions on each flight.

Vietravel Airlines was ranked in the Top 5 “World’s Best Leisure Airlines” by Skytrax, and also received the international “Inspirational Brand Award” from the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2022 and the awards for “Asia’s Leading New Airline 2022” & “Asia's Leading Leisure Airlines 2023” from World Travel Award.

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