Check-in process


With Vietravel Airlines, every flight is the experience of a good journey for passengers. For your smooth and convenient journey, especially for new passengers who take the flight for the first time, please notice these following information:


  • Passengers must ensure sufficient time for Customs, security and immigration procedures before boarding gate closing time. Please refer to the table below:


Check-in counter opening time

Check-in counter closing time

Boarding gate closing time

Domestic flights

2 hours before your flight departs

40 minutes before the estimated departure time

15 minutes before the estimated departure time

International flights

3 hours before your flight departs

50 minutes before the estimated departure time

60 minutes  before the estimated departure time for International flight in Bangkok

  • Booking code/Ticket is the basis contract of carriage between Passenger(s) and Vietravel Airlines
  • The principle of Vietravel Airlines’ carriage is point-to-point transportation. We are only liable for the transportation of passengers based on the ticket route that the passenger has paid for our airline. This is the basis of the carriage contract and settlement of disputes (if any) between passengers and Vietravel Airlines.
  • All the services will be confirmed to provide according to paid services that record in your ticket at the check-in time.
  • Ensure that the passenger's name on the travel documents is identical to your booking. Vietravel Airlines is not liable for cases of name mismatching. For a passenger who holds a confirmed ticket but the passenger's name is not identical to their travel documents, the ticket will not be refunded or changed.
  •  For a passenger who holds a confirmed ticket but shows up at check-in counters or boarding gate when all counters or gate for their flights are already closed, the late show passenger cannot be accepted to check-in/board for the flight. In this case, passenger(s) will be supported to find the nearest available flight for the same route and surcharges will be applied.
  • To avoid being denied transportation due to being late at the departure gate, passengers must ensure to present timely. If not, the passenger is consider as a late-show passenger and can not be accepted onboard the flight.

Connecting flight notice 

In general knowledge, the connecting should be understood as passenger(s) having a flight connect to another flight on the same day. Passenger(s) must ensure that the minimum connecting time (MCT) is enough for the next flight check-in. For your convenience, passengers are advised to choose the connecting flight time, which departs 3 to 4 hours later than the previous flight arrival. 

Vietravel Airlines have no domestic or interline transfer agreement with other airlines this time. Once you’ve checked in, you can proceed to the boarding gate. Therefore, passenger must get the boarding pass ready before moving to the waiting lounge for boarding. Vietravel Airlines is not liable for your connecting flight in case our flight is delayed.

  • The general procedure for passengers who have connecting flights should be as:
  • Passenger is required to show up at the check-in counter of the connecting flight prior to the check-in closing time
  • In case of a delayed flight, if possible, we will try our best to support passenger(s).
  • In accordance with  Bangkok Airport Authority, passenger acceptance for connecting flight at the boarding gate as:
  • Only passengers have a confirmed ticket for the connecting flight and follow the airline carry-on baggage standard, passengers will be accepted to check in for their connecting flight at the boarding gate.
  • In case of the carry-on baggage over the standards (because the carry-on baggage standards are different for each airline), the passenger is only accepted in case willing to pay the baggage fee IN CASH.
  • Booking/Routing changes and ticket refund requirements:

For a passenger who holds a confirmed ticket but not shows up on time for check-in and/or boarding, their ticket will not be refunded or changed.

Passengers are entitled to change their booking and have their tickets refunded with applicable fees provided that the change must be made within the specific time hereafter:

  • At least 03 hours before your Domestic flight departs
  • At least 04 hours before your International flight departs
  • Products and other services will be changed accordingly (Exception:  meal services must be altered 48 hours in advance).


  • Step 1: Check in at the counter
  • Step 2: Get your boarding pass
  • Step 3: Security check
  • Step 4: Present at the boarding gate
  • Step 5: Get on the plane


  • At the airport , there are differences in check-in area between airlines; therefore, passengers need to notice flight information screen at the departure terminal to keep up with your flight.
  • Check-in counter allocations will be displayed on the flight information screens (FIDs) at the departure terminals, please notice these screens to determine the exact Vietravel Airlines’ check-in counter location.

Departure Domestic Flights:

  • At Tan Son Nhat International Airports: Domestic Terminal (Terminal T1) - Hall A, Row G.
  • At Noi Bai International Airport: National Departure Terminal (Terminal T1) - Hall E.
  • At Phu Quoc/Da Nang/Cam Ranh International Airports (Nha Trang): Domestic Terminal.
  • At Phu Cat Airport (Qui Nhon):  Domestic Terminal

Departure International Flights:

In Viet Nam:

At Tan Son Nhat/ Noi Bai/Da Nang/Cam Ranh Departure International Airports: Terminal T2.

In Thailand:

At Suvarnabhumi International Airport: Departure terminal is on the 4th floor.

Check-in area: 

- Domestic flights of Thailand : from rows A, B and C. 

- International flights: the remaining rows 


  • When the flight plan changes, the counter opening/closing and check-in times will be adjusted to match with the new flight time.
  • The check-in counter opening/closing time depends on the Airport Authorities’ and Airlines  regulations.
  • If a passenger who holds a confirmed ticket but fail to comply with the regulated time, Vietravel Airlines reserve the right to refuse carriage and we are regret to inform that your ticket will not be refunded or changed.
  • For passengers showing up late, you can contact Customer Service Hotline 19006686 (Vietnam) for help transferring to another Vietravel Airlines’ flight (if possible) and the late fee must be applied. Contact must be made before the departure time indicated on the booking code.