Checked baggage

1. Checked baggage

Checked Baggage is the baggage that the Carrier is responsible for transporting from the point of departure to the arrival destination indicated in the booking or ticket number;

Checked baggage is understood as normal item for a passenger's trip; Therefore, do not put money, valuables (jewelry, camcorders, personal computers, mobile phones), important documents, and lithium batteries in your checked baggage.

  • Checked baggage allowance IS NOT INCLUDED in the Vietravel Airlines ticket fare.
  • Passengers can buy the Checked baggage allowance depending on their requirements.
  • Checked baggage allowance will be bought prior to or at the same time you take the check-in procedure. This Checked baggage service will be set in a bundle of block baggage, not by kilogram individually.
  • Weight and dimension standard of the Checked baggage:
  • Weight: ≤ 32kgs/piece, and
  • Dimension: ≤ 203 cm
  • The additional BULK fee will be applied if the HUGE check-in baggage exceeds the weight and/or dimension standards.
  • The special discounted price up to 50 %  when buying Check-in baggage allowance 03 hours before domestic departure time and 04 hours or more before international departure time. The maximum checked baggage allowance with a special price is 40 kg/passenger.
  • PETC is not allowed to carriage on Vietravel Flights.

This baggage must be packed in accordance with the regulations on size, weight and comply with the principles of flight’s security and safety;

  • For more information, please contact the hotline: 1900 6686 or go directly to our ticket offices for assistance and detail guiding. Vietravel Airlines is looking forward to receiving our value passengers’ support and attention. Our happiness is the satisfaction of our customers!

Regulations on checked baggage

The amount of checked baggage depends on the baggage allowance that passenger bought Passengers can buy standard combo of checked baggage by these following methods:

Buy on website:

Buy via Vietravel Airlines' Customer Care Center: 19006686.

Buy at Vietravel Airlines’ ticket office/agents and at the airport.

You can buy or upgrade the weight of checked baggage in allowance of: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg with conditions.

In case the checked baggage exceeds the weight and/or size standards, an oversized service fee will be charged.

In case the luggage exceeds the specified weight and size, the passenger must notify us in advance for transportation instructions and charge if necessary.

DO NOT put in checked baggage: Valuables, money, phones, tablets, backup charger (lithium batteries)…

General conditions for checked baggage

Vietravel Airlines reserves the right to refuse carriage of the following items in checked baggage:

Items packed improperly, not eligible for transport.

Items that do not comply with the flight’s security and safety mentioned in the Dangerous goods Regulations of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Terms & conditions of Carriage and Contract terms.

Items prohibited by Laws or by Countries of departure/arrival or transit;

Items that are not suitable for transportation due to weight, size, shape or characteristic;

Fragile or perishable items;

Alive or dead animals;

Fresh/frozen seafood or meats must be packaged in styrofoam box and/or refrigerated containers. These items may be accepted after inspection by the Authorized Organization.

Potted  plants are not accepted as checked baggage and carry-on baggage.

We reserve the right to refuse carriage of your baggage if the passenger refuses to be checked upon request.


  • Make sure baggage is fully and properly packed to avoid breakability in flight.
  • The use of crushed ice/wet ice is not allowed.
  • Inner packing: must be wrapped in a plastic bag with a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm and wrapped in more layers of plastic outside to avoid any unexpected leakages. 
  • Outer packing: inner packing addition, these kinds of baggage must be placed in a foam or plastic box/container with a waterproof material covered with a lid and seal carefully to prevent leakage or spillage during stacking and transportation. Each such foam/plastic box/container with waterproof material must be wrapped in nylon with a thickness of at least 1mm


Refer to Appendix II, List of dangerous goods restricted to carry on board, issued together with Decision No. 1541/QD-CHK dated September 14, 2021 of the Director of the Civil Aviation Administration Vietnam: 

  • The maximum capacity of the tank is not more than 1L
  • Only accepted in the original manufacturer's bottle/container and must not be opened so that the concentration of the alcoholic beverage can be verified.

Alcohol content


From 24% or less

No restriction

Over 24% to 70%

Must be stored in the manufacturer's container, with the seal and label intact, the capacity of the bottle is not more than 1 liter, 

The quantity: ≤ 5 liters each passenger 

Over 70%




  • Contained in plastic bottles or jars.
  • The amount of liquid  is not exceeded 95% volume of the bottle/jars.
  • Each tank must be tightly closed and wrapped with individual layers of tape.
  • Maximum acceptance: three (03) liters/passenger

For FRAGILE ITEMS should not be carried in checked baggage. We are not responsible for baggage damage due to normal wear and tear, which includes:

  • Cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents and marks;
  • Damage to or loss of protruding parts, including straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks, wheels, external locks, security straps, or zipper tabs;
  • Improper or over-packing baggage;
  • Baggage accepted under the conditions of the Limited Release Tag - including items retrieved or confiscated by Airport Authorities or Security Requirements.
  • Below kinds of baggage are very easy to be damaged during loading and transporting as checked baggage because of their thin and brittle plastic material. Carry-on baggage solution is advised to ensure your belongings safety.


  • These kinds of baggage must be checked-in when your carry-on baggage is over the
  • If these kind of suitcases are checked in:
  • A nylon-wrapping action should be considered to reinforce the safety of this kind of baggage before check-in.
  • Fragile tag will be put on the baggage so it will be attentive during the service. This kind of baggage considered fragile and passengers are requested to sign a responsibility waiver for the carrier when check-in the baggage (Compensation is not implemented for this kind of baggage with any natural damages).

2. Carry-on baggage is baggage that passengers are responsible for preserving during the flight

  • Carry-on baggage allowance is included in the Vietravel Airlines ticket.
  • To ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, Vietravel Airlines regulates the weight and size of hand luggage as follows: 1 piece/7 kg/ passenger with dimension 56 x 36 x 23cm (≤115 cm). This standard is not applied to Infant passenger.


  • In case the carry-on baggage exceeds the regulated quantity above, weight and size, the baggage will be required to be checked in and the passenger will pay a service fee for the additional checked baggage.
  • Infants (Children under 2 years old) are not eligible for carry-on baggage allowance
  • Passengers who wish to bring dry ice in hand luggage are kindly requested to inform our staff. The maximum acceptable volume of dry ice is 2.5kg/person and the dry ice must be packaged in the way that air can come out during transport.
  • This baggage will be checked then tagged “Cabin Baggage” at the check-in counter and will be checked again at the departure gate.

Hand baggage is not allowed to contain:

Fresh and frozen food (meat, fish, crab, snail...);

Fruits (jackfruit, durian...) and liquids (fish sauce, shrimp paste, shrimp paste...) cause unpleasant odors

Items that violate safety and security principles

Regulations on carrying liquids in hand luggage for INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS:

  1. Total allowable volume is not more than 1,000ml/pax.
  2. Each liquid container has a maximum volume of 100ml and must be placed in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag.