Vietravel Airlines - Open Your World

Vietravel Airlines is the first travel airline ever in Vietnam

As a member of Vietravel Group - the leading tour operator in Vietnam, Vietravel Airlines wish to accompany customers to explore new destinations, experience fascinating cultures, so that each journey is an unforgettable memory.

Vietravel Airlines' official launching ceremony

Vietravel Airlines has become the first airline brand to be established in the period of Covid-19 causing direct effects.

According to the decision on 03/04/2020 on approving the investment policy, The Prime Minister agreed to establish Vietravel Airlines. Thus, this is an airline established in the pandemic season, when the tourism and airline industry are facing difficulties and decreases in revenue due to Covid-19.

Vietravel Airlines will be an airline brand associated with tourism, providing domestic and international air transport services within the Asia area, contributing to the improvement of Vietnam's air transport capacity and travel tourism industry.

Vietravel Airlines aims to operate flights on Airbus, Boeing, or equivalent, with 03 aircrafts in the first year, then gradually increase to 08 ones in the second year of operation.

Vietravel Airlines inherits good values from Vietravel Group - A sustainable corporation with 25 years working in tourism industry

The establishment of Vietravel Airlines after 25 years of sustainable development plays a strategic meaning in completing Vietravel's ecosystem, realizing the aviation dream, aiming at good values in reality.

At Vietravel Airlines, we believe that every customer deserves those good values. Hence, we aspire to go further, to be your companion on every trip, and offer the uncountable stages of indescribable feeling.